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Klamath Falls favorite carpet dealer, Frank & Diane’s Carpets is the right choice for quality and price. 

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Are you looking for new flooring for your home or business? With all the new options of beautiful carpet, luxury vinyl, laminate, and hardwood it can be very hard to choose. That is why you want to work with a flooring dealer that has been serving Klamath Falls for three decades.

When you visit Frank & Diane’s Carpets will help you find the perfect flooring for your home.

Benefits of carpet

  1. Gives you a cushioned feel that is great to walk, lay and crawl on. With small children carpet is a must.
  2. Warmth. They are excellent in bedrooms or other places in the home where you might be barefoot.
  3. Carpeting can dampen the noise. With the soft qualities that carpet has, it does reduce the noise level.
  4. Carpet comes in many textures, colors and styles.
  5. Carpets are softer and safer than falling on a hard surface.
    • Finally carpeting is very affordable.
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Over 30 Years of Carpet Experience

Frank and Diane Rollins started with a simple dream of opening up a carpet store in Klamath Falls. Years of hard work and outstanding service has made Frank & Diane’s Carpets the most trusted carpet dealer in Southern Oregon.