Hardwood Flooring

When you come to Frank & Diane’s Carpets for hardwood flooring, you can expect the best quality hardwoods to choose from and excellent pricing.

Hardwood Can Give You an Elegant or Rustic Look

Whether you’re interested in hardwoods that are traditional or a little bit exotic you can find it at Frank & Diane’s Carpet and you can also choose from finished and unfinished.

  • Engineered wood
  • 3/4″ hardwood with or without finish
  • LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile

Name-Brands That We Trust

Hardwood is an excellent choice

Hardwood provides a very good choice for safe and clean areas throughout your home. There is no place for debris like allergens and dirt to hide.

Low maintenance

When it is finished properly all you need is a dry mop and a regular mop to keep clean. Properly maintained wood flooring will last as long as the home’s life.


It is totally natural, is recyclable and uses less water and chemicals to keep clean than other choices.